Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food: Amelie Cafe @ Armenian St

It's a Sunday morning where I got to go back to work for awhile before the entire day is mine. The night before, mum said that she wanted to try something different at coffee shops or cafe. So I had to cracked my head last night to figure out where to bring her. Honestly, I didn't do much thinking as I was dead tired last night. For the first time in weeks, I think I slept like a pig! 

After hearing from Peky and reading from her blog about Amelie Cafe at Armenian St, I thought we should go and try it this time. I roughly know where the place were but didn't know which road to turn from the Jelutong highway. I got to search it via my Maps on iPhone. Thank God for GPS and iPhone. :D

It is located at 6, Armenian Street. It is located next to the Cheah Kongsi. It's a row of pre-war house there. It is on the right hand side as you drive along the street. Amelie Cafe is in between the Nyonya Beaded Shoe and Cheah Kongsi. You won't miss the place. 


It's a small and cozy place. The cafe reminds me of a place where my brother took me for breakfast when I was in Melbourne. I fall in love with this cafe when I enter the place. I would personally recommend you to go and try it. As you enter, you will see the kitchen where all the foods are prepared. I also took a few more picture inside out. Take a peep. 

Remember it is open daily except Monday from 10am till 7pm. 

We were there quite early so we had breakfast and I had cafe latte to go with it. The food taste good and the waiting time was not as long as Peky said. Maybe I was there early. The place was filled with foreigners. There are also upstairs available for sitting but I didn't venture upstairs. I will go back there again and maybe will try the upstairs. 

Add: 6, Armenian Street,
        10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel:  6012-496 7838

They are closed for renovations now, currently move to Cozy in the rocket (same owner).

If you like Amelia Cafe, try out a newly opened cafe at Muntri Street - MoonTree47 (Updated 15th March 2011)
Check out the latest cafe in town, Chai Diam Ma (Updated 18th April 2011)


  1. it is really a nice place! =D

  2. Yes it is. :)
    Thanks for your comment! Hope to hear more from you.
    Nice blog you got there.

  3. Hi JenC, Thanks for the sharing on this. I will drop by one day.

    However, do you have any idea any cool place can recommend?


  4. Hi QQ,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments here.
    What do you like? Maybe you can tell me a little and I can share with you some? :)
    Have you visited MoonTree 47? It's in my blog too.